Photographic Competition : Geosites and Climate Change

Local Geological Sites that Represent
an Aspect of Climate Change

Something to think about over the summer months, we believe it’s a good time to think about climate change, whether present-day or historical.

Do you have a local site that could be used to demonstrate climate change?
It could be related to present or palaeo-climate change. If you have, then enter it into our challenge, and submit to
1) a good site photograph;
2) a short explanation of the climate change demonstrated;
3) a summary account about how you could use it to
explain to others, such as non-experts, about climate
4) any access restrictions;
5) your group’s name and (if any) logo.
We’ll publish the results to coincide with the GCUK AGM
and feature them in the next issue of GEONEWS.

Vertically bedded glacial sands deformed by an ice advance due to a global cooling event
towards the end of the last Ice Age. Woore, Shropshire.
Image: Dr Ian G. Stimpson (CC-BY-NC 4.0)