The Association of UK RIGS Groups

The GeoconservationUK mission statement:

“The Association will encourage the appreciation, conservation and promotion of Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites for education and public benefit”

GeoConservationUK is made up of the membership of RIGS groups across the British Isles and exists to promote RIGS for education and public benefit.

GeoConservationUK works towards a British Isles perspective. It also focuses on common purposes and issues of interest to local RIGS groups. It fulfils the need for RIGS groups to work together in partnership to create a strong ‘British Isles’ approach to seeking funds and standardising techniques.

Government guidance uses the term Local Sites for these non-statutory sites, as distinct from the Sites of Special Scientific Interest [SSSIs] which are protected by government statute.

  • In England they are often called Local Geological Sites.
  • In Scotland they are often called Local Geodiversity Sites.
  • In Wales they are called Regionally Important Geodiversity Sites.

NOTE: The term Regionally Important Geological/geomorphological Sites (RIGS) has been in usage now for many years and is still used to describe Local Geological/geodiversity Sites and should be regarded as synonymous.


There are currently about 50 member groups and two associate members.

Membership fee is normally £10.00 pa. for RIGS groups but has been suspended whilst local groups struggle with the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.