Executive Committee

GeoConservationUK executive committee was first elected at the first AGM of UKRIGS in September 1999. The executive committee meets irregularly and is elected at the AGM. The current elected committee members and officers, are as follows:

Current Executive Committee

Chair 2021-2023
Lesley Dunlop BSc, BA, MSc, PGCE, FGS

Lecturer in Physical Geography and Geology, Northumbria University, Project Officer Berkshire Geoconservation Group, Vice Chair Oxfordshire Geology Trust, Member of NE Geodiversity Forum and SE Geodiversity Forum, Durham Geoheritage Group

Hon. Treasurer

Hon. Secretary 2021-2023
Dr Ian Stimpson BSc, PhD, ARSM, FGS, FRAS, FHEA
Senior Lecturer in Geophysics, Keele University, Chair of GeoConservation Staffordshire

Committee (National Representatives)
Kenneth Addison (Wales)
Mike Browne (Scotland)

Committee (elected)
Garry Dawson 2021-2023
Alan Holiday 2018-2021
Tom Hose 2021-2023